English Club

Vision And Mission

Our vision is to create children who are confident, creative, intelligent and great orator. The fundamental principle to be confident is to place your trust in Allah , the Creator. Children must be trained to study with a sincere heart. To be a great, superb student is not for show or praise. The better you become, the more humble you are towards Allah, your parents, your community and your country.

That marks a truly successful student, and our mission is to generate as many humble children in the country with the noble character of the Prophet SAW.

Program Module


Fun games


Public speaking

Stage presentation

Drama and theatre




Levels Of Mastery

According to skill and mastery of grammar which is not determine by age

3 levels of mastery

Basic | Intermediate | Advance


Open For Age | 7 – 15 years old

Class Duration

2 hours per week with assignments

Every Sunday 8.00 ~ 10.00 am


“Just open your mind and your heart. It’s easy and fun”


“Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision”